Do you ever struggle to understand distributed ledger technologies?; Want to inspire yourself and your team to use this new techology?; Play the DLT Card Game and understand blockchain!;Introduce your employees, customers or friends to one of the most promising technologies today.

The DLT Card Game explains the principles of the technology behind blockchain in a practical way through real-world examples.

The game is designed for everyone interested in blockchain, decentralization, security or new technologies, and can be played by up to ten players with no pre-knowledge required at all.

You'll understand how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) works, and where and how it can be used. The DLT Card Game is an easy, entertaining and functional method for you and your friends or colleagues to gain knowledge about the emerging decentralized technology.


… in a playful way

Introduce your employees, customers or friends to one of the most promising technologies today. Understand how it works and what makes it so interesting.


… new opportunities

There are many miscon­cep­tions about the poten­tials and limits of DLT. By under­standing the core principles, you can discover great use cases and make educated decisions.


… with innovative technology

Identify and analyse use cases for distri­buted ledger tech­nology within your organisation to improve your processes or lead to new products and business models.

FOR 99 €  including our new game extension DLT Card Game: Smart Contracts *

We also offer personalized workshops based on your vision, industry, interests and number of attendees.

Guided by our experts

While you can enjoy playing the game by yourselves led by the detailled instructions which are included, you might want to have an even deeper experience by framing the game inside a broader event or in context of developing a new service or product. We received tremendous feedback for these co-creational events which can be easily adapted and planned according to your interests and requirements.

Our team will prepare and run activities – keynotes, use-case exploration sessions, game introduction & playing, etc. – and can also organize a location, catering or photo/video documentation. We will bring as many boxes as needed to put everyone to play at the same time under the supervision of our coaches.

Why a workshop?

  • Customized event according to your intention
  • Coaching by our industry & technology experts
  • Keynote matching a core topic of the workshop
  • Exploration dan design of specific use-cases
  • Opportunity to get tough questions answered
  • Enough boxes & instructors for everyone to play

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